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An American Wholesale Candle Company

Headquartered in California, Eternalux is a wholesale candle company that is a division of the parent company Indio Products, Ltd. This US candle manufacturer, manufactures a variety of candle types suited to individual needs and requirements, including religious candles, decorative candles and custom designed candles for those seeking that special touch. Candles as symbols of light have been associated with positive sentiment (most notably knowledge) since time immemorial, and Eternalux aims to uphold this tradition and keep the torch of this tradition burning brightly for quite a while to come.

Religious Candles

Most religions around the world consider candles to be a beacon, and are often associated with celebration. Besides Christian themed labeled candles, US candle manufacturer, Eternalux also has solid color candles that can be used to direct energies in prayer towards the particular aspect of life that is signified by that color. For instance, green signifies wealth and luck, yellow stands for joy and devotion, while burning a black candle drives away sorrow and depression. Religious candles serve to strengthen belief and focus during prayer, and ensuring that they burn right to the end without being snuffed out serves to improve patience, perseverance and concentration and thereby provides a quiet comfort that makes prayer time all the more fruitful and beneficial. The natural warm waxy scent of the candles form this US candle manufacturer is preserved, as religious candles are made unscented.

Decorative Candles

These are mainly candles cast in a shaped jar, and scented with different fragrances. As the name suggests, these candles are primarily intended for decoration or aesthetic use and are typically not used for any religious or spiritual purposes. The scents available to choose from include apple cinnamon, citronella, vanilla and lavender, each of which has a different effect on the psyche. Short white votive candles also fall under this category.

Custom Candles

Eternalux Candle Company also allows the option to customize the candles in an order in order to create what is known as a private label batch of candles. The size of the bath depends on the number of candles required. Candles are first designed down to the last detail in consultation with the individual in order to fulfill their aims and requirements. Following this, they are cast and a personalized label is designed for each piece in the batch. Finally, the order is shipped out to the desired location.

Eternalux Candle Company’s is a US candle manufacturer meaning all products are made in the United States of America, using state of the art technology and top quality raw materials. Typically, materials needed to make candles are wax, glass (for the container), fibers (for the wick) and paper (for the labels). All these are sourced by the company and checked thoroughly by means of an in-house quality control unit. The company ships to locations around the USA, and also offers a Pallet Program that contains themed sets of candles for convenience of use for an occasion or event. In keeping with the policy of efficiency of this US candle manufacturer, the candle manufacturing plant uses solar energy to manufacture its reputed religious candles.

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