Eternalux Wholesale Candle Company

Company Profile

Eternalux, a division of Indio Products Inc., consists of the highest quality religious candles in the industry today. With headquarters located in Commerce, CA, manufacturing capabilities include fully automated candle production lines & state of the art technology. In addition to being 100% Made in the U.S.A. with quality raw materials (label, glass, wax & wick), Eternalux religious candles are also 100% manufactured using solar energy.

Why Choose Eternalux?

  • In-house quality control that strictly monitors daily candle production.
  • Nationwide shipping network to facilitate distribution between the West & East Coast.
  • Highest Nielsen rating in the religious candles industry.
  • 7-10 Day lead time for everyday stock/replenishment orders.
  • Nationwide coverage with sales representatives across the nation.
  • Extensive pallet program for promotional holidays (ready to display 1/4, 1/2 & full pallets available).

Company Capabilities:

  • Production Capacity: 500,000 Cases/Month
  • 10 Production Lines
  • 6 In-House Research & Development Engineers
  • 35 In-House Engineers
  • 20 In-House Quality Control Agents
  • Over 200 Dedicated Employees

Private Labeling with Wholesale Candles

Reprinted by Charles Day for Eternalux Candles

Private label is a booming business and nearly everyone from beverage companies, grocery stores and import stores do it. One reason it has become so successful is because many retail companies want to create a certain brand image but do not want to deal with the expense that comes with making their own private label products. Pier 1 Imports is a great example of such a company. Everything they have in their stores is private labeled and bought from other manufacturers. They specialize in the sales, marketing and delivery of the products without having to deal with the manufacturing of the products themselves. Starting off, you may not land a huge retailer like Pier 1, but there are many opportunities for private label, especially for wholesale candle companies.

In your hands, a brand can be a very powerful tool. It serves as an image that tells the world all about your company, your organizations values, and of course, your product. As you progress in your endeavors, competition will grow increasingly more intense and your brand could be the difference between success and failure. Your label is not only a great strategy for your business, but it can also be the life saver of your company. The same is true for wholesale candle companies.

Most people would probably be tempted to dive right in with securing fragrances, making candles and working on packaging design, but as seasoned candle makers and entrepreneurs, we know better. We suggest doing some homework first, including evaluating the competition and considering how your candle business will stand out in a highly populated market.

Consider how you would like to sell your candles (online or storefront, retail or wholesale or private label). Consider what kind of wax you want to use. Visit candle making forums and watch YouTube videos to see how it’s done. These kinds of behind-the-scenes activities should come first, before you even start formulating candles to sell.

Owning your private label brand makes good business sense as well as being a great sales tool. There are many wholesale candle companies that offer resellers the chance to build their own company by using their products. In addition, you will build customer loyalty so new sales will be supplemented by repeat sales. In other words, your private label will be the driving force behind your overall sales.

Private label brands were once thought of as low cost substitutes, or generic, brands and were considered to be of lesser quality than the more popular “name brand” products. However, time has changed many consumers' outlook on private label candles, and many on the market have become more popular than their higher priced alternates. Today, many private label brands are associated with premium quality and distinction.

Many wholesale candle companies are finding that adding their own private labels offers numerous marketing benefits. Not only does it increase your customer base. It also increases the occurrence of repeat sales. They have discovered that your own brand will set you apart from competitors and build brand loyalty. Additionally, it enables your products to compete on factors not related to pricing, such as quality and unlike name brands which nearly every store carries, your private label makes your product exclusive.

With private label candles, wholesale candle companies can create an image that relates with the perceived value associated with their company. With tough economic times and a growingly competitive retail industry, business, large and small, are realizing the true benefits of private labeling as part of a successful business plan. Having your own private label on candles that you acquired through wholesale candle companies is a great way of developing your own company presence. Here are a few tips to help get you started selling your own candle products.

Image - Creating a professional company image on all of your products is one of the best ways to get your business recognized and create a presence. Regardless of where you work from, your basement, kitchen or a commercial facility, if your products look professional, you will attract consumers and other professionals. When you meet with prospective clients, it is important for you to look as professional as possible and a private label will help to ensure that. Think of it as an interview for a new job and dress properly. Have your candle labels professionally printed will result in a better-looking label and will present a better image of your company. If you try to print your own labels to save money, your company and products will be perceived as cheap if it does not turn out professionally. As the old adage goes, you have to spend money to make. money

Confidence – You have to have confidence in the product you are going to sell. Do you think the product you have purchased from the wholesale candle company is a good product? If so, do you think others will think it’s a good product too? If you cannot answer yes to these two questions, you should look for a new supplier. Have you sold them to people before trying to market them to a store? If you did, did they have any comments about them, positive or negative? These are all the questions you have to ask yourself when you set out. If you do not have confidence in your products, you may want to reconsider trying to sell them.

Negotiation skills - Everyone who is involved with retail business has the same overall concern, will their products sell and how much profit can they make? It’s highly encouraged to have your clients, those who will resell your products, sign a contract. Additionally, it is also highly recommended that you do with the aid of a lawyer, who  can help draw it up for you or review what you have. This document will be legal binding in a court so it is important to make sure you get it right. You can decide how you want to set it up and can include such areas as specific discounts and the max allowable retail price that you will accept that your clients will sell your product for. This will help to keep your products from being considered overpriced or too expensive. It is also a good idea to have a lawyer drew up a release of liability form. This may or may not hold up in the court room, but it will at least give you some kind of protection in the event something should happen. It will not prevent your customers and clients from suing you, but it will make it more difficult and they will have to work harder in order to win their suit. Some other specifics you may want to consider adding into your client's contracts. are:

  • A time frame that the agreement will last.  This will ensure your contract lasts and that either you or your clients will have to terminate the contract in writing.
  • Your wholesale candle company has the exclusive rights to use your client’s artwork and logo in order to produce their labels. 
  • In the case of a joint venture with your clients, grant them exclusive rights to use your product logo.
  • Cover specific time frames that customers have to cancel orders without having to face penalties and ensure they can be refunded for their purchase.
  • Include agreed upon charges such as product prices, shipping cost, and other fees that the clients may or may not be responsible for.  Keep in mind that graphic design fees should only be a onetime fee, unless the client changes their logo, and should be billed to the client. 

ust like with many other wholesale candle companies, offering your products online makes great business sense. With nearly 84% of today’s shoppers conducting online product research before making a purchase, giving special discounts or other offers to online shoppers is a great way to stir up some business early off and to also get some great advertising. Now you are armed with some useful information to help your wholesale candle company be successful, you can get started achieving the same results that many other have found with private labeling.