Religious Candles

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Religious candles

God said – ‘Let there be light and there was light’. Perhaps, since then, light and illumination has been considered sacred and darkness has signified evil intention and purposes. Each religion has its Gods and most of the religions celebrate light in its own ways. It is actually incredible to note that most of them utilize candles as a beacon for celebration.

Interpretation of differently colored candles

Religious candles come in many colors and each of them denote and strengthen particular facet of life. White candles do to spirituality and purity what blue does for peace and harmony. Green candles beget good luck and money while yellow stands for devotion and cheerfulness.

Pink candles invoke attraction and red enables consummation of lust. Gray candles are for stability and purple is for acquiring power. Black candles meanwhile drive away depression and sorrow.

Religious candles strengthen our belief

Religious candles give us the impetus to focus on our prayers and devotion, while wishing for something we desperately want. These candles need to burn on their own till they finish off, for your wishes to come true. This is actually a test of your perseverance and most people get deviated midway and snuff out the candle. These candles also bestow peace of mind, quietude and mental comfort on us, provided we believe in their tenets. The sanguinely chaste environment of churches helps the devotional part of it.

The various candles and their bestowals

There are different religious candles which are burnt for your various needs. Some are an invocation of Christ himself while some invoke his disciples and saints. St. Jude Thaddeus candles are perhaps the most popular as it is lighted to pray for the sick or troubled people.

Protection of the poor

Our Lady of Guadalupe is a personal favorite of poor people as the candle protects and aids them. St. Anthony is believed to create miracles whether you want to get out of a hole or wish to reunite with your beloved. St. Joseph candles help he unemployed people get good jobs.  

Savior candles

St. Michael Archangel is a savior candle while Guardian Angel candles invoke your guardian angel to bestow his impenetrable protection on you and your family. If you earnestly wish for forgiveness, St. Martin Caballero religious candles are the way to go. 


Wealth and faith

St. Lazarus ordains wealth to the needy and Santa Barbara restores faith in you. Our Lady of Carmen is a quite flexible candle which seeks to help you in whatever way you desire. Our Lady of Perpetual Help instills rare confidence in you.

Daily used candles

The Sacred Heart of Jesus, meanwhile, is one of the most popular religious candles showering people with blessings. It is lighted every day by believers in good faith. Our Miraculous Mother candle is a prayer to Virgin Mary to allot power to do their job well on a daily basis. The Holy Family is much like The Sacred Heart, ignited to seek divine protection.

Candles for kids

There are religious candles for kids too; only they are miniature versions of the upper mentioned candles. They are quite attractive to look at. Their matches also come in resplendent designs. Just take care while they light their candles for safety’s sake.  

The mystique of fire

It is well known fact that fire was the first human discovery, happening when an early man rubbed stones vigorously and was astonished at the sparks flying. There is something special about light; look continuously at a bonfire and you will get a mystical feeling. Light has thus been synonymous with devotion. That it is an integral part of life helps a lot, for one cannot undermine its importance.

How different religions take it

Most religions celebrate light and fire, as mentioned above. They find religious candles a unique and convenient means to get close to their respective Gods. Jews have a tradition of fire-worship as they tend to see their deliverer in its flames. Hindus do their yajnas from the pre-medieval period and light earthen vessels, called diya in temples on a daily basis. They decorate their doors and windows with an ostentatious display of burning diyas on Deepavali night. Most forest tribes, typically in Africa, worship fire, earth, trees and wind because these elements leave a direct impression on their lives.

There is however a remarkable history of votive candles or religious candles in Christianity. 

Light of God

They deem it as light of God and make use of it during different stages of life; starting from baptism and ending at funerals. These candles make their presence in Easter and Mass, where the archbishop holds the candle till the mass is over. These candles are supposed to be the most pious accompaniment of prayers.

White symbolizes purity and Him

Lord Christ is worshipped, in all sincerity, with white candles as the color signifies the vibrancy of Christmas. There is a 40-day fasting period in Christianity called Lent which is symbolized by blue religious candles. Pink Candle is ceremoniously lighted during the third Sunday of Lent, when the inaugural fasting people were given a day’s break. 

Candlemas and Menorah

February 2nd is in fact the celebration of religious candles, popularly known as Candlemas. We feel that God is with us and indulge in the sacrament by burning a number of candles. There is a unique kind of candle called Menorah. It has seven branches, each standing for one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. These are Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Might, Knowledge, Fear of the Lord and Delight in the Lord. 

Religious candles vis-à-vis Seven day candles 

It has to be noted that religious candles are quite different from seven day candles. The latter are lighted for protection, dominance and harm in general. Their flames and style of burning are further interpreted to infer the exact status of the one burning the candle. That is, seven day candles enlighten you whether you are safe or about to be tormented; strong or in troubled waters; focused or unprepared.

Religious candles, meanwhile, are not meant to be interpreted but to invoke the blessings of the almighty. Every one of us has a few follies and lacking. We ask for them to be fulfilled by lighting votive candles by the statues. Also note that the statues are mere physical representation of the God who is ubiquitous. They don’t bring bad omens if the candles explode or burn whole black.

Different ways of praying

Most people have different ways of prayers. Some chant hymns, some just remember Gods in their minds while some make a desperate show of their theism. All religions have different structures to pay homage to the Holy Spirit. The ubiquity of religious candles in most religions emphasizes on a statement that there is one God or Super Force whom we interpret differently according to our limited means.

Dark forces dread light

Dark forces abound on this planet, whether they are the figments of our imagination or in flesh and blood. They love to roam and swindle in darkness and night. The belief that ghosts and dark forces become weak at day time, especially 3 PM is an inspired thought from this tenet. These forces dread the power of fire and light.


Forms of fire

Fire is present in different forms in this world. There is fire underground, on the earth and in the sky (lightning). Fire is supposed to cleanse and make pure whatever enters it. Therefore, Hindus cremate dead bodies with a view that the mortal remains consign themselves to the elements and the soul is cleansed. Perhaps it is this reason why Gods are illustrated with halos around them.

The divine aura

Religious candles offer a particular form of devotional light and have an aura around them. It is believed that dark forces cannot enter churches because it is ever illuminated by these candles. We have of course got the idea from the numerous movies and novels we have see and read on the topic; but the learned people keep realizing the significance of these candles and analyzing their effects.

Truth or supposition

One may argue about the truth of it all, whether or not the power of religious candles is a supposition, not a fact. We are reminded of a story where a critic suggested that how could a small lamp carry a genie which comes out when the lamp is rubbed. Out came the answer: Have you rubbed all the lamps of the world? No. Then you cannot be sure of the subject.

Going by the story, while we rebuff people who believe in ghosts, we have not exactly checked all dark places of the world to be confirmed whether they exist or not. Similarly, we are too ill-read to raise arguments about the power of religious candles.       

Buy religious candles online

While you are at it, you can buy religious candles online where you will be enlightened about the worth and significance of particular candles. You may also grab a hefty discount if you buy these in bulk. These days, online is the way to go.